An eyecatching real taxidermy of a porcupinefish belonging to the family Diodontidae, not endangered species. It is preserved and inflated to its natural form and color showing off the long sharp pines as protection to approaching danger.  It comes with custom made metal base and also ready to hang transparent thread. You will receive what featured here, only 1 piece. Due to strong pricking pines, it must be handled with  extreme care, no fishy smell!  In excellent preserved condition.  Weight:  15 lb. or 3.70 kg.

Fish:    Height  11.02" / 28 cm.     Width  27.56" / 70 cm.     Depth  15.75" / 40 cm.

Base:   Height  6.30" / 16 cm.      Width   4.72" /   12 cm.

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This item can be viewed in our gallery:  Antiques van Elsen - Bruges, Belgium 

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